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Triple Scented Cleaner Burning All Natural Candles

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Our business allows you the flexibility to build through:

Retail - One on one sales, tradeshows, craft fairs, home parties, stores, salons, boutiques, gift shops, gift baskets, and more...

Fundraising - The list is endless of groups and organizations that are looking for a unique, hot product that sells like crazy with very generous profits for their cause. This is a very lucrative and passive year round income for the distributor.

Residual Income - Build a team of people who want to do any or all of the above.

The possibilities are endless!

This candle is a one of a kind that will sell itself as long as you get people to experience it. It’s simply a matter of “Show and Smell” and you will have people walking away with that jar in hand. Truly this business is fun, very simple and quite profitable.

Starting a home based candle business is easy. Simply join the Candle of the Month Club for only $39.95 a month, plus shipping. You'll receive products, a website, training, sales resources, one on one coaching.
When you join the Candle of the Month for only $39.95 per month (plus shipping) and when you refer a member into the club we pay you 10% (10% x $35 = $3.50) When that person refers someone into the program we not only pay him or her that 10% but we will also pay You 5% !

The plan is very simple and can be very lucrative!

You are on auto ship for $39.95 (Candle of the Month Club)
You refer 1 - you get paid 10% of your 1st levelšs volume
You refer 2 - you get paid 5% of your 2nd levelšs volume
You refer 3 - you get paid 5% of your 3rd levelšs volume
You refer 4 - you get paid 5% of your 4th levelšs volume
You refer 5 - you get paid 5% of your 5th levelšs volume
And a bonus of ... 10% of your 6th levelšs volume

Here is how you earn MORE money in the club

Everyone who is a COTM Member can purchase cases of 12 candles (the case can be all of the same scent or can be a mixture of scents!) at the wholesale cost of $9.00 per candle ($108 per case, plus shipping). The commissionable volume for each case is $54.

COTM Members are also eligible to purchase votives at $12 per dozen (3 dozen minimum per order: $36 plus shipping.) The commissionable volume for each 3 dozen order is $18

Our Hand Poured Gourmet Soy Candles have an excellent track record for sales nationwide. Most distributors retail them for $16.95 to $19.95. If we use our suggested retail price of $18.95 you can see that by purchasing candles at $9 you can make a huge retail profit for each candle you retail!

This is such an affordable home based business that you can earn money from your very first day. It won’t take you months to recoup the initial investment. And don’t forget about all those tax benefits from being a home business owner! This in itself is worth starting your own home based business

If you're serious about the possibilities our company has, call this number 1-800-887-1896 24hrs a day and visit my website at
Debbie Paduana
(315) 633-2186