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Triple Scented Cleaner Burning All Natural Candles

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Our "Soot Free" Soy Candles are made from natural materials from American farms such as vegetable, plant and soy. This natural, renewable source burns clean and does not give off soot!  Our natural wax material is also water soluble, which means if you spill it you can clean it up with soap and water!  We use only the highest quality fragrances and we infuse our scents throughout the entire candle so you get the same incredible fragrance from top to bottom!

Gourmet Soy/Veg Candles are the healthier, cleaner burning alternative

  • Made of a proprietary wax which consists of all natural materials such as soy, vegetable, and beeswax 

  • Non-toxic so they are not harmful to your health

  • Have a low melting point, thus burn cooler

  • Burn 50% longer than other candles

  • Burn evenly from top to bottom so there is no wasted wax

  • Triple scented with only the highest quality fragrances

  • An incredibly realistic scent; an apple smells like an apple

  • Aromacology to create any desired mood

  • Biodegradable so it's easy to clean up with soap and water

  • Lead-free, cotton wicks

  • Support the American farmer

  • Doesn’t cost any more than the top premium quality candle, yet you get so much more!

“When you open a jar, you’ll want to reach for a spoon
instead of a match!”

Why Buy Our Soy/Veg Candles?

“I've been trying other "soy” and alternative candles. The results are not the same. Most of the votives I've purchased start to crumble before I even get them home. The fragrance doesn't last to the end of the candle. And the aromas are not as soft and enjoyable as our candle.  I'm convinced that there is no equal to our Soy/Veg candle on the market today--not just because I'm a distributor, but because I've done a lot of research and testing of other products and know this from first-hand experience.”  — Julie, Maryland

“I have burned so many different candles throughout my life, even the soy ones and nothing compares to this candle! From the time you light the candle to the end of burning the candle, you have a wonderful scent. It doesn't go away! It burns clean and all the way to the end!!” — Georgia, Wisconsin

The candle was named after one of the owner’s daughter because she represents the next generation of safe, clean burning candle lovers!

Soy/Veg Candles represent the first innovation in candle making in 150 years!  Try one and see why all natural soy and vegetable wax-based candles are a safer alternative for both you and your environment.

Debbie Paduana

(315) 633-2186