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Triple Scented Cleaner Burning All Natural Candles

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Welcome Winter Sunset

Have you been looking for a Cleaner Burning Candle?
I'd like to introduce you to Mia Bella candles. They are made using a proprietary formula of natural, renewable materials. This combination of vegetables, plants, soy, and beeswax burns clean (which means no black on the jars, ceilings, or walls) and is practically soot free. If you spill it, you can clean it up with soap and hot water!! We use 2 wicks so the candles burn evenly and release the maximum amount of fragrance from the first time you light the candle right down to the end.
Once you try our Gourmet candles, you will know why customers nationwide are calling it the "Best Performing Candle Ever Made!" In order to appreciate how unique and wonderful these candles are, you need to burn one. Feel free to stop by my website and look around for yourself.
If your still skeptical,be sure to enter the FREE CANDLE DRAWING Or request a FREE Scent Sample and Catalog!!!
Enroll in the Candle Business eCourse --- where you will
"Learn to Earn Before You Burn" 
Upon completion of the eCourse -- you'll know if this is the business for you.
Debbie Paduana
(315) 633-2186

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