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Fund Raisers
Earn money with Fuller Brush Fund Raisers
Associations, clubs, groups, schools, sports, day cares, churches, synagogues, nursing homes, more...
Fuller Brush entered the 21st Century with a great new and simple fundraising program. Individuals and groups may now register as a Fuller Brush web affiliate for FREE. Simply publicize the secure e-commerce website with YOUR ID#, and YOU receive credit for the sale.
For your security, people MUST have your valid ID# to even enter the fullerdirect website. Check out the website above with our ID# to see the products and exactly what YOUR website will look like. This website was upgraded July 2004 to offer your customers BOTH Fuller Brush products with many monthly special sale prices, AND Stanley Home Products.

Easy to do business online, offline or both. No quotas, no inventory, no deliveries required. Customers can order through your fundraiser using catalogs, on the web or by toll-free telephone or by fax..
It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3. Fuller Brush will send you a monthly check for your commission and a list of your customers and their order size.

"This is great - our church needs new fundraising ideas and avenues, but I don't want to turn our Sunday mornings into a catalog and products commerce center; we come here to get away from regular business, but this sounds terrific! This is a simple way to earn money for our church. We can tell our members and friends that if they need any of your 400 products, buy the Fuller Brush brand through us and we earn money towards our fundraising budget. A small newsletter notice or website link would suffice. If we make a lot or if we make a little, it's still more than zero. We don't even have to know what we're doing - Fuller handles everything!
Products that people can use are better than selling overpriced candy bars to people on diets."

We have over 400 products in the Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products lines that your members actually USE everyday. You make money in a program where people won't feel obligated to buy something overpriced, unwanted, or unneeded. We have environmentally-conscious cleaning products, specialty cleaning brushes, brooms and mops, and a wide variety of personal care and cosmetic products. We will also provide you with a log-in button with YOUR ID# already encoded to place on your organization website. Your memeber can add a signature line to their emails to help spread the word. The possibilities are limitless!

Your sales may be anywhere in the US. All products have the Fuller unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Commission percentage varies according to monthly volume, up to 46% ($46 profit on $100 order). Average commission on sales of $100-$200 per month would be about 30%. $750 per month brings you up to 44%! Of course, we will also help guide you toward success. As an affiliate, you may also order wholesale direct with your ID# from Fuller Customer Service for your cleaning supplies or other needs. If you so choose, you may also distribute catalogs in the continental US with your ID# for mail and toll-free phone ordering to those without web access, with your customers also ordering via Fuller Direct.
Earn money with Fuller Brush Fund Raisers.