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Business Opportunity
Fuller Brush Business Opportunity is EASY to do.

Easy and Fun To Do Business with LOTS of Help!

Easy and Fun Business Opportunity-Free Internet Web Site
You do not have to sell people on this company or the products - one of the biggest obstacles in most programs. As a Fuller Brush distributor you are more productive - no wasted time explaining the company's name or products. We have real products that people want and need. Marketing our program is easy by way of catalogs, person to person, toll free phone orders, or using your FREE Fuller Brush online web site so your customers can order directly from their home or business and have the products shipped directly to their door. Fuller Brush has a very generous commission plan. What a great positive way to gain financial success in the new century and millennium.
One Company has stood the test of time: THE FULLER BRUSH COMPANY has built a reputation of quality and integrity. Quality, American-made products for home and business, "Designed to Work, Crafted to Last, and Satisfaction Guaranteed" that have been an American Tradition and Legend since 1906. Few companies in America have the name recognition and product quality satisfaction guarantee that this "Sleeping Giant" has. Fuller has over 300 quality products that every home or small business needs and wants: hairbrushes, to toilet brushes, uniquely styled specialty cleaning brushes, brooms, mops, environmental cleaners - ready to use and concentrates - without harsh fumes, personal care, car care, and gift items. Fuller distributors can also now sell and order Stanley Home Products wholesale. Fuller Brush became such a household name that even Red Skelton and Lucille Ball made Fuller Brush movies. The Fuller Gold program's goal is to restore the Fuller Brush Company to the pre-eminent role in American life it once had, and will have again! Come and JOIN US in our quest.

If you haven't yet, CALL the 24 hr. Company provided Information Recording: 1-800-477-3855.

Q. WHY should I join Fuller Brush?
A. There are thousands of opportunities out there. Why work hard building your financial future with a company or an opportunity that may be gone next year, when you can team up with an American Legend? TIME Magazine credits Fuller Brush with 80% name recognition. Public response makes this business FUN. You don't have to sell people on this company or the products - one of the biggest obstacles in most programs. Fuller has the stability and name recognition to make your job much easier. Fuller has a diversified product line that people use everyday, priced to be economical over time with their superior quality.

"The Fuller Difference" means your customers will be calling to tell you how great the products work and how they do MORE than the product claims on the label, instead of less like store brand products. That means repeat business. Your business includes a mailorder and internet business. Fuller began in 1906 and has a strong committed NASDAQ company (CPAC) behind it. Instead of people asking who you are and why they would need your product, the general response will be: "Fuller Brush! Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages. Do you still have ___? Can I have a catalog?" It makes selling so much easier.
Whether you are looking for customers or distributors, when you mention Fuller Brush, people listen.

The Fuller Brush Startup Kits
Your one-year registration, included in our starter kits, provides you with 12 months of professional support and services.

Basic Starter Kit (#R203) $14.95 SALE $9.95
Contains an assortment of business tools and product information to help you begin your business.

Gold Starter Kit (R#204) $24.95 SALE $14.95
Provides you with a good assortment of business tools, product information, sample packs and full-sized product samples to experience and to demonstrate.

Gold Select Business Starter Kit (#R205) SALE $49.95
This kit is designed for the value conscious individual who wants to start his/her Fuller business with many of the essential tools for retailing and/or sponsoring. It is packed with business tools, product information, sample packs and full-sized product samples to experience and to demonstrate. It even includes the ever-popular Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper and the cleaning video, "The Professional's Secrets to Faster and Better Cleaning," featuring Don Aslett, America's #1 cleaning expert.

Information Starter Kit (#R202) $4.95 FREE* (Limited Special Offer)
For a limited time, the Fuller Brush Business Opportunity Information Starter Kit (#R202) with a value over $25, is being offered for FREE. This kit contains over $25 value of product information and business tools. It contains everything you need to start your Fuller Brush home-based business.
Join Fuller Brush Today!
*NOTE: The FREE kit automatically signs you up as a distributor. If you are serious about building a Fuller Brush business, I suggest Kit # R204 or R205 because you get more for your money - more products and business tools to build a business!
If you would like more information on how you can start your own independent Fuller Brush Business, please click here to contact me for The Fuller Brush Company Information Pak.